What Chris Rock Said to End the Oscars Has People Pissed…

After all the controversy about #WhiteOscars (albeit, none from recent Oscar winners Denzel Washington & Jamie Foxx), the Oscars seemed to go off with far less drama than expected.

That is, until Chris Rock felt the need to end the show in a very controversial way. What started as a laugh line ended in the host being played off the floor by the producers of the show:

“I just want to invite everyone here to the BET awards this summer. Just wanna say goodnight, this has been an amazing experience, congratulate all our Oscar winners, buy some Girl Scout cookies, Black Lives Matter…”

And the music began to tell Rock to end his speech and leave the stage.

What has people upset is the continued talk of Black Lives Matter and the out of hand rejection of the idea that All Lives Matter is a more appropriate name.

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