We love seeing people defend the Constitution and this video of a police officer doing just that is going viral.

Filmed on the 4th of July, the clip shows an officer berating two security guards after they allegedly tried to stop people from sitting outside of their home to watch the fireworks.

“There is a Constitution that I swear an oath to, so don’t freaking mess with it with these citizens. Do you understand me? I know you aren’t subjected to the constitution when it comes to your job, but don’t mess with it,” says the cop, shockingly.

“They have a right to their property. They have a right not to be searched by anybody. They have a right not to be accosted,” he goes on.

“I swore an oath to the constitution, don’t mess with it,” says the cop as he walks away.

One Reddit commenter summed it up nicely:

“Wow. This guy right here should get the TOP COP of the YEAR award. No truer words have been spoken. He swore the oath to the Constitution and he’s living by it. What a man!”

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