A Georgia man lost his left leg below the knee while trying to make a YouTube video shooting a lawnmower full of the explosive compound Tannerite.

“We get a lot of calls about Tannerite. It can be extremely dangerous if it is not used correctly,” Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman said.

The video shows 32-year-old David Pressley shooting an AR-15 at the lawn mower for 30 seconds, getting off more than 20 shots and moving closer as it fails to explode.

By the final shot, Pressley was just 40 feet away from the lawnmower. When the bullet struck the Tannerite, the lawnmower explodes in a cloud, with shrapnel flying everywhere.

“I blew my leg off! Oh, [expletive]!” Pressley can be heard saying.

That’s when what’s happened hits the amateur cameraman: “Aw, [expletive]!”

“Call an ambulance! Call an ambulance!” a voice is heard yelling. The video ends.


Two of Pressley’s friends improvised a tourniquet around his leg, helped him to the front seat of a vehicle, and drove him to a nearby road. That’s where EMS met the group and began treating Pressley. “EMS advised David was missing his left leg below the knee,” the report notes.

He is now recovering in the hospital. And his video? It’s now public domain as police evidence.

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