Darren Wilson

So far, all prior indications seemed to indicate that Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted by the grand jury which is considering charges against him in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

However, all indications also previously pointed to a much earlier decision by the grand jury. Could this signal a possible indictment? Possibly.

The members of the grand jury are people, just like us. Knowing that their decision could bring about riots and civil unrest, will the members of the jury feel compelled to indict on something and send the matter to an actual court in an effort to just “get it off their plate”? It’s a possibility. Knowing you may be indirectly responsible for violence could certainly sway the way some people think.

So what would happen if Wilson was indicted? Would that stop the threat of imminent violence and rioting? Would their be “victory riots”?

Would protestors and activists remain as engrossed in the trial if it was spread out over 1-2 years?

A grand jury decision is expected today and a press conference from the district attorney is also expected.

If there is no indictment, demonstrations are planned across the nation in 25 cities.

A state of emergency has already been declared in Missouri and the National Guard has already begun staging around Ferguson and St. Louis to help keep the peace.

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