Child abduction is every parent’s worst fear. You tell your kids not to talk to strangers and get in cars with people who they don’t know. But is that really enough nowadays? This mom thought it wasn’t; she took matters into her own hands and taught her daughter how to get out of zip ties using only her shoelaces if she was ever abducted.


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Michelle O’Neal is the mother that posted the Facebook video that has now gone viral and taken social media by storm. The potentially life-saving video has been viewed over 47,000,000 times and has been shared 24,000,000 times.


O’Neal’s daughter who doesn’t look to be older than 10-years-old simply unties her shoelaces and threads one end of a shoelace through the middle of her wrists. Once the shoelace is through to the other side, she wraps it around the zip tie and ties it to the end of the shoelace on her opposite foot.

She then quickly moves her legs and feet as if she were pedaling a bike until the zip tie breaks apart, freeing her from the restraints. It’s actually a pretty genius idea.


The FBI reports that there were 460,699 entries for missing children in 2015. That’s more than 1,000 per day. One percent of missing children include non-family abductions, known as “stereotypical” kidnappings where the child doesn’t know their abductor or he/she is an acquaintance.

Unfortunately, children have to be ready for just about anything in this world. They could potentially find themselves in a situation similar to this one. Learning to stay calm and knowing how to escape could be a lifesaving tool.

O’Neal’s daughter was given a problem and zero tools to resolve it. There were no knives, no swords, or anything else present to use. Instead, she’s been taught to use what you have and now has a skill that could help get her out of a dangerous situation such as freeing herself from an abductor.'

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