After catching his daughter in a car with a boy who “shouldn’t have been there,” Mike Card shows what happens when you mess with his daughter in the back seat of a car.


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The customized Audi met its maker on Thursday when Card was videoed repeatedly ramming an excavator into the car, leaving the vehicle with smashed windows, a very dented trunk, and a caved in roof. The video has been viewed 153,000 times since it was uploaded to Facebook on Thursday by Card’s son Kaylor.

The car first belonged to Kaylor, before being handed down to his younger sister, Ashlyn Card.


In just 2 short minutes, the car became completely un-drivable. Kaylor posted about the incident on Facebook, creating a hashtag movement in the process. “Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY.”

Comments on the video suggest that Mike Card is known for having a short fuse. An apparent long-time family friend commented that he’s “seen that temper a few times back in the good ole days.”


Ashlyn, the daughter who started this whole mess has now reportedly listed her relationship status as single. She may want to keep it that way unless she enjoys seeing her cars demolished. Kaylor later named the boy who supposedly caused all the commotion. He commented, “All I can say is Brandon Anderson won’t be in this car anymore!”


Many viewers wondered why Card didn’t just sell the car. It seems that Mr. Card’s brain doesn’t work that way. It’s all about making a point.

Lisa Michael West wrote, “I think I could’ve come up with punishment that wasn’t quite so costly. This is nuts.”

Many commenters praised Mike Card on his unorthodox approach to parenting. Heather Lynn Cassidy wrote, “Sure was a pretty car but much respect toward Mike! Hilarious.” However you look at it, it seems the daughter is meant to remain single for the foreseeable future. Doesn’t look like Mike Card’s health could handle another explosion like this.'

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