A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Especially if you’re a moron.

That’s the lesson from this video showing a woman spouting some more-than-questionable “constitutional” knowledge.

“Article 4, free inhabitant, pursuant to the Articles in Confederation, you can look it up. It’s in the United States book of codes,” the woman says, lecturing the cop. “It’s your laws, you have to follow.”

She then argues that as a “free inhabitant” she is exempt from all laws. When the officer tells her to exit the car because he is having the vehicle towed, she refuses.

Moments later she agrees and tries to flee the scene. When the officer detains her, she has some even more outrageous claims

“You’re raping me. This is rape! This is rape!” she is heard shouting. The video shows the woman only getting more profane and indignant as the video goes on.

Fortunately for the officer, the whole incident is caught on tape. As for the rape claims:

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