Last week was hell on Charlotte, North Carolina, a southern metropolis that’s usually only in the news because of NASCAR or College Basketball. But the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott brought the city’s racial tensions to the surface

The riots were predictable. Well meaning protestors came and let their voices be heard. And then there were those who used the protests as an excuse to loot stores, set fires, and spread chaos–hoping that the riots would allow them anonymity.


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It doesn’t always work that way, and the Charlotte protestors are about to get a major lesson in the ubiquitous nature of digital surveillance. Every in ch of that town is covered with cameras. And the images the police are pulling from the cameras are sharp enough to make positive identifications.

So who is it that the police are after? Check out this growing list of model citizens.

Jimmy John’s? Hope that sub was worth it.

The t-shirt mask is as an old trick. It worked well in the days when subjects had to hold perfectly still to pose for a photo. Shakyiala forgot her shirt at home, so she’s had to improvise.

Check the comments, too. They’re hilarious. Tiny doesn’t feel like there’s justification for the police singling out Jamil–or that’s how his argument starts. But even if Jamil is guilty–it is only a Jimmy John’s, right? Who the hell cares?

They’ve already found this guy. That’s the problem with having a distinct look.

Dejuante. The police want to talk to you about numerous charges.

The looting at the Buffalo Wild Wings was to show that Black Lives Matter. And to borrow some liquor from the bar.

Ian is wanted by the fashion police.  Imagine wearing these pants to a looting!

Khalil hit a cop with a wrench during the protest. Now he’s a felon. That’s good news, as felons can’t own guns. Our gun laws work perfectly, right?

Looks like they’ve got their work cut out for them. But it is important work. If we’re going to have any real impact with the protests in this country, we have to be able to separate the idiots from those with something to say.

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