Video has been released in a fatal shooting involving a West Palm Beach, Florida police officer.

Caught by a street surveillance camera, the incident started when the officer witnessed 39-year-old Anthony Brown riding a bike that had been reported stolen just minutes earlier.

According to The Palm Beach Post:

He ordered Brown to stop. Brown refused and shouted expletives. The officer drove ahead of Brown, stopped and got out of his car. The two scuffled. The officer shot his Taser, which failed to stun Brown.

Brown, the city’s statement said, then pulled a semiautomatic handgun from his waistband and opened fire at the officer, who fell backward, returning fire.

Officers provided first aid to Brown until city Fire-Rescue workers arrived. It said police recovered Brown’s handgun and two loaded magazines.

Brown was taken to a local hospital where he died.

“When you put on the uniform, you know the single most-difficult situation you may face is what happened in this case. But when someone pulls a gun, opens fire and tries to kill an officer, that officer is trained to protect not only himself, but to protect anyone else from being hurt or killed,” said West Palm Beach Police Chief Bryan Kummerlen.

That the Taser failed to stop Brown is no surprise to Robert Bragg, force-training manager at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, which runs the state’s police academy. He said Tasers are “not 100 percent effective.”

“There are always those individuals who are wired different, where it doesn’t have that much effect. It doesn’t always completely immobilize you.”

A Taser may also be ineffective if the target is wearing baggy clothing and the barbed darts don’t make contact with the skin.

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