The video below is going viral. And it is polarizing audiences along racial lines, like many that have come before it. This one, though, is different. It captures the moments that lead up to violent escalation. The idiot teenagers in the video are lucky to be alive.

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Those who have drunk the Black Lives Matter Koo-laid will look at this differently. They will gloss over the profound and imbecilic levels of disrespect and go straight to the end result. A kid, they’ll say, shouldn’t be manhandled for jaywalking. As if that’s why he was taken down.

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But there’s so much more to this tragic story.

This occurred in Fresno, California. The video was posted to Facebook by “Finesse King Vahan,”  who wrote that the incident happened by Hoover High School on Monday.

Vahan’s friend KC jaywalked. According to Vahan, a Fresno cop “started disrespecting him and grabbing him.”

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The video begins after the jaywalking. The officer is attempting to get KC to sit, but he won’t. The others–off camera–aren’t helping the situation.

Now here’s where I want to jump in and opine. The cop asks the kid to sit. He doesn’t sit. I don’t care if everything up to that point was bogus or not. I don’t care if the cop was racist even. There’s a time to protest actions taken against you, and it isn’t there–in the moment–when a sworn officer of the law is asking for your compliance.

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I read an interesting quote today from the U.S. women’s relay team. During a baton pass today, a Brazilian runner crossed lanes and ran into the U.S. runner, who dropped her baton. Game over. The U.S. team had no chance of winning. But the runner picked up the baton and ran anyhow, because she knew that she had to finish the race in order to file a complaint about the infraction.

The kids in this video, hopefully, are learning a very valuable lesson. It is going to cost them. But it didn’t have to. This lesson has nothing to do with being black. I’m not going to decide if race had anything to do with the initial jaywalking stop, or not. That’s not the point I want to make.

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The point is that you pick your battles. This wasn’t a fight worth fighting. And I’m surprised the kids walked away as easily as they did.

Yet there is a point where race comes into it. As you can hear on the video, there are numerous mentions of race. Not one form the cop.

Apart from the jaywalking stop, what else happened before the clip began is unclear. The footage starts with the officer holding KC and saying that he told him to sit down — but KC wasn’t complying.

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“Black lives matter, motherf***er!” one of KC’s friends yelled. “He’s not resisting!”

But he was resisting. That is clear. And it seemed to be a game to him. This isn’t a game.


“I didn’t wanna start senior year off like this but f*** it s**t happens,” Vahan wrote in the Facebook post. “F*** the cops for this smh. I even had a couple blunts rolled for us but this shii happened so I had to face the blunts lol. But now they Tryna charge KC wit resistance and battery on an officer smh.”

They aren’t just Tryna. They have. KC was charged with walking against the red, battery on a police officer, and obstructing an officer. A second suspect presumably the one shouting threats at the officers, was charged with obstructing an officer.

The video below contains strong language. Just so you know.

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