Bad news from Chicago. Three gangs met last week to plans how they will kill police officers. This is their planned response to the shooting death of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal.

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The meeting supposedly happened last Thursday. The Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers all joining forces to figure out how they can make the biggest statement possible.

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Rumors about the meeting are swirling about. The Four Corner Hustlers have agreed to provide guns and have planned out a sniper’s nest. This won’t be the typical drive-by response–they’re reportedly taking the time to ensure all of the details are in place.

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For their part, the Chicago Police are remaining tight lipped. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says “the department does not comment on any security measures.”

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Those less officially connected with the investigation are not staying mute. Dean Angelo, the president of Lodge 7 of the Fraternal Order of Police, blames a campaign of misinformation.

“We had inflammatory and false rhetoric coming from (Michael Oppenheimer) and statements that weren’t true,” Angelo said. “You also have a lead investigator in police-involved deaths talking about how shocking and disturbing this is.”

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Police shot O’Neal after he stole a Jaguar and led police on a violent chase. After he was cornered, O’Neal rammed police cars, and even hit one of the officers. Then they opened fire. When he fled, they gave chase, and O’Neal was shot–reportedly in the back. It remains unclear if he was shot while still in the vehicle, or while he was running.

Watch the video below. The part where the car rams through the police has been edited out of almost all of the condensed videos the media are showing.

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So, is this the start of a street war? If you take a long-view of gangs, you may agree with many social theorists that gangs are only allowed to exist because they mostly fight and kill each other. Black on black crime is nothing new, and it saves authorities from having to sweep the problem, at least as long as the gangs keep each other in check.

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But when the gangs join forces, that’s different. With combined strength, the gangs could easily begin fighting other entities–other authorities and agencies. What makes this situation even more dangerous is that the gangs are the locals. This is a fight the police will have to take to them, on their turf.

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