The Lithuanian police  have just released this video of an epic car chase. The driver has a hot Volvo, and an open road, and is trying his best to outrun a couple of cops. The end result looks better than a lot of Hollywood high jinks.

chase 06

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The adrenaline fueled chase is from on June 9th of this year. The chase happened near the city of Marijampolė, Lithuania. It starts off easy enough, and the speeds even seem a bit modest by American standards. But then the driver hits the gas.

Some of the initial reports say that the Volvo itself is stolen, though that would mean that the perpetrator (or perpetrators?) had planned ahead. If that’s the case, this wasn’t a spontaneous crime.

chase 09

What makes the chase so spectacular to watch now, and so dangerous for the police involved, is the smoke screen. James Bond style smoke starts pouring from the rear end of the car.

chase 01

The internet would have you believe that this is a smoke screen orchestrated by the driver, but I’ve watched and re-watched the video trying to find a way that the driver could have orchestrated such a smoke screen in a car he’d just stolen. To me, it looks like this is the moment the smoke starts, and it seems like a problem in the engine, and not something intentional.

chase 08

But the smoke gets more dense, and shifts from black to grey.

When the cops don’t give up, the driver of the hot Volvo does throw objects out the window.

chase 03

The report says they’re caltrops, sharp pieces of metal specifically designed to puncture the tires of cars. And you can see them clearly in these two screen-caps.

chase 04

Caltrops don’t just pop tires–they shred them. This is where those who route for the cops in situations like this begin to get hot under the collar. It is one thing to run and engage in a modest chase through the countryside. But it gets personal when the perp starts to openly put even more lives at risk.

chase 07

So how does the chase end? Let’s just say it was not how the bad guys here intended.

chase 02


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