Some crimes are legitimately funny. And if the crime isn’t funny, the fall-out is. And this is one of those cases. It shows just what we’re devolving into. This is all about entitlement. And the police still haven’t caught this princess, so if you can help identify her, there’s a reward waiting.

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The video is amusing. It begins, we are told, after the suspect has been caught shoplifting. Bleeding heart liberals might rush to her defense, and claim the poor woman was stealing food to feed herself, but I’m dubious. She was stealing candy bars.

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The woman entered the Shell convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida, and quickly pocketed $11 worth of candy. When confronted by the store’s owner, the woman refused to give the candy bars back. And she refused to pay for it.

The the owner locked the door. This move is designed to box in culprits until the police arrive. The video suggests the suspect didn’t want to wait for the police. She began by picking random items off shelves and tossing them to the floor. And talking.There’s a lot of talking–but we can’t hear what she’s saying.

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Towards the end, she’s picking up bottles and smashing them on the floor. All just as calmly as can be. For someone acting like a caged animal, she’s decidedly calm about it.

10 minutes into the odd rampage, the police had still not shown up. The owner, flustered by the destruction and the way the simple incident had escalated, foolishly opened the door to let her out. And the woman bolted.

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Investigators are asking anyone with information about the woman’s identity to call the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, while the local Crime Stoppers is offering a possible reward of up to $3000.

For those of you who are prepared for an advanced course in entitlement, check out this video. I offer it because it is another example of an entitled princess who gets caught shoplifting, but this time the princess is a self-proclaimed rapper. Warning. There’s a lot of talking in this video, and we can hear all of it. You may need a translation of some of it.

Some may find the language offensive–no lie. Not safe for work. Not kid friendly. Almost everyone should find the behavior offensive.

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