ABC’s political drama “Scandal” focuses on a Washington DC crisis management firm that serves the White House and the fictional presidential administration.

In the second episode of the show’s fourth season, in what is going to be the fictional president’s state of the union address, a school shooting mirroring the Sandy Hook shooting happened.

The fictional president used his entire State of the Union address to come out against guns. Here are some quotes:

…thousands of people last year who lost their lives in a completely avoidable way.

The right to bear arms was set in stone in the Constitution by our founding fathers… so was slavery, by the way.

The right to bear arms is indisputable… until the shooter comes in. Until you’re Lisa Elliott covered in blood, watching a little girl take her last breath. Watching the life go out of her eyes.

And that… that is where the arguments ends. That is when the debate is over.

How many other people’s children are we going to let die before we put a stop to this?

Feel free to let ABC know how you feel about this episode of their show Scandal, either way at the following link: Contact ABC

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