Hillary and Donald are news all around the world. And a mural artist in Melbourne, Australia is making some enemies with his political caricatures. But they’re surprisingly good.

Here’s a gag he pulled last month.

08022016 c 2

People took it seriously, and it turned into a shrine–briefly.

If this were America, I’d call it a classic 1st Amendment case. The murals have been the target of scorn and ridicule, and now censorship.

08022016 c 7

We’ll start with Clinton, though the artist, who goes by the name Lushsux, has been painting both sides of our political circus.

This image of Hillary went up last month. As images of Hillary go, it is rather explicit. She’s decked out in a flag themed suit, and is not concealing her wad of cash very well.

As the image was highly visible, it attracted too much attention. Even though the owners of the store had no objection to the elaborate graffiti, the Maribyrnong Council ruled it was offensive and demanded it removed.


Rather than sandblast the image, Lushsux went back to the brush. He painted over Clinton, taking her in the opposite direction.

08022016 c 10

Then, he painted this: “If this Muslim woman offends u, u r a bigot, racist, sexist Islamophobe.”

The council wasn’t happy.


On Tuesday, Lushsux tweeted, “Looks like the council wins.” He’d painted the whole image black.

08022016 c 1

For those who wonder what his treatment of the Trump side-show would look like, we have these images of Melania. The first was a nude. Nothing new here–nudes of the potential First Lady have been popping up like dandelions lately.

Even though this image was a bit harder to find, being down an alley, Lushsux was still pressured to cover her up. So cover her he did, in what is a very easy to understand political metaphor.

08022016 c 5

Oddly, the censorship of his paintings has brought them international attention. I doubt this is what the town council had in mind.

Covering up is something Lushsux does well.

08022016 c 3

This image of Trump had an explicit bit, too. Which he covered like this:

08022016 c 4

And as for Taylor Swift?

08022016 c 8

And then:

08022016 c 6

So this is what we look like to the Australians. Yup–fairly accurate.


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