Bill Maher Blasts Liberal “Halloween Police” [VIDEO]

The butthurt police in the liberal media were out in full force this Halloween and even Bill Maher it tired of their shit.

He took to the air during his show, Real Time with Bill Maher and ripped into this ridiculous new level of righteous indignation.

“Lately, we have taken a day of pretending to be bad and turned it into a whole season of pretending to be good,” Maher starts off his rant.

After showing how you can decide to be offended by anything, Maher really took shots at recent criticism of hobo costumes:

Another one that do-gooders really hate is the hobo, which they think offends the homeless. But a hobo isn’t a homeless person. He’s a classic character of American folklore. A loafer who survives by doing as little as possible. I believe the modern term for it is snowboarder.

He even flat out told the liberal busybodies that they were pushing people to the Republican party because, bluntly, they have more fun:

“…banning a hobo costume doesn’t make the homeless feel better. It makes you feel better. This is the lazy liberalism in which scolding has become a substitute for actually doing something. And here’s the thing, reasonable people see self-righteous liberal busybodies trying to leech the fun out of everything and they say, ‘F*ck, I’m going to vote Republican, because I just can’t stand being on the same team as these humorless jackoffs.'”

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