Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke has been an outspoken critic of the anger directed at America’s police officers in the wake of many high-profile deaths of African Americans. None of his comments to date will have come close to his condemnation of the Black Lives Matter movement that he delivered after the killing of 5 Dallas Police officers.

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In an interview with an emotional Megyn Kelly for Fox News, Clarke declared that America needs to “condemn and shun this movement called Black Lives Matter.” And he has the credibility to back up his statements.

“We have some very irresponsible rhetoric coming out of some very powerful people.”

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“It is time for this nation to stand with one voice and condemn and shun this movement called Black Lives Matter,” he said.

“I’d like to see the Southern Poverty Law Center Place Black Lives Matter alongside those other hate groups that were mentioned: the black nationalist movements, the Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam….”

How does he propose to end it? “This movement needs to be marginalized,” he said.

While Kelly pointed out that Micah Johnson, the Dallas gunman who was killed after he shot numerous police officers, was not outwardly affiliated with Black Lives Matter, Clarke remained committed to his position. Johnson’s actions, Clarke argued, were a direct result of the hatred stirred up by the movement.

Clarke said the “liberal mainstream media” needs to “stop walking on eggshells and giving legitimacy” to the Black Lives Matter movement by offering it so much airtime.

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“We need to delegitimize this Black Lives Matter movement.” Why? Why would a prominent black Sheriff come out in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement, when so many other political figures rush in to legitimize their complaints?

Easy–he’s seen the “false narratives” about use of force first hand. He knows what’s happening on the streets. And like many of us, he sees it for what it is. Hats off to Sheriff Clarke–he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

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