Just as the dust settles over the FBI’s findings in the latest round of Hillary Clinton’s email trouble, new allegations emerge about the fatal attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. New reports suggest the attack was an inside job.

The security firm that had contracted with the State Department for protection of the US diplomats had no actual staff on the ground in Libya. So they hired locals. These locals, new reports suggest, were terrorists who may have led the raid on the embassy.


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Wales-based Blue Mountain Group is the agency receiving new scrutiny. Multiple sources claim Blue Mountain secured a $9.2 State Department contract, but outsourced the work through newspaper ads and hired 20 guards, many with terrorist ties, to provide protection.


“The guards who were hired were locals who were part of the Ansar al-Sharia and Al Qaeda groups operating in Benghazi,” another source claims. “Whoever approved contracts at the State Department hired Blue Mountain Group and then allowed Blue Mountain Group to hire local Libyans who were not vetted.”


John “Tig” Tiegen was there. He’s one who claim these guards turned on the Americans they’d been hired to protect.

“Many of the local Libyans who attacked the consulate on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, were the actual  guards that the State Department under Hillary Clinton hired to protect the Consulate in Benghazi,” Tiegen told Fox News. “The guards were unvetted and were locals with basically no background at all in providing security. Most of them never had held a job in security in the past.”


“Blue Mountain Libya, at the time of being awarded the contract by our State Department, had no employees so they quickly had to find people to work, regardless of their backgrounds,” he added.


Weeam Mohamed, a guard who witnessed the attack, described how the guards–instead of keeping the attackers out–opened doors to let them in.

“In the U.S. Mission, there were four people [who] belonged to the battalion February 17. Always armed. And they are free to move anywhere inside a building mission. And therefore, they had a chance to do an attack on the mission’s headquarters. They have all the details about the place. At the same time they have given the United States a painful blow,” Mohamed wrote.


The State Department denies that the contractors played any role in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors and former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

“While the Accountability Review Board report and other reports were critical of our local guards’ performance, we are not aware of any evidence that they participated in the attacks themselves,” said State Department spokesman John Kirby.


“We kept asking for additional support, including a 50-caliber mounted machine gun, but the State Department would not give it to us, because they said it would upset the locals,” the anonymous source told Fox News. “Instead, the State Department hired a company that doesn’t have employees, which then hired terrorists.”

Despite the size of the operation, and having no staff or track record with the State Department, Blue Mountain Group landed the $767,767-per-month contract to protect the Benghazi consular office, beginning on Feb. 17, 2012.


The company solicited applications in local newspapers and on websites, and very little, if any, screening of guards was done, the security specialist told Fox News. The lack of vetting led to several potentially dangerous hires beginning in March of 2012, he said.

As if all of this wasn’t suspect enough, the State Department had been advised not to use the services of Blue Mountain, a company with almost no proven track record.


Jairo Saravia of the Regional Security office for the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli had advised that Blue Mountain had been awarded, but had subsequently lost assignments in Libya. “The latest information is Blue Mountain is not licensed by the GOL (Government of Libya) to provide security services in Libya,” Saravia wrote in an email before the attack. “I would advise not to use their services to provide security for any of our annexes and/or offices due to the sensitivity this issue has with the current GOL.”


His advice, and the advice of many others, was ignored.

If you need to brush up on just how poorly handled this tragedy has been handled by the media, watch this CNN version of events.

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