After using a 15-hour filibuster to votes on a series of gun control measures, Democrats got their wish today. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for… you just might get it.


And that’s exactly what happened. They got it… and they may wish they’d never asked.

The Republican leaders of the house allowed a series of gun-control bills to be voted on – one each by Senators Grassley, Murphy, Cornyn, and Feinstein – and all four were slapped down by the Senate as a whole, with every member voting on each bill. It was the first time all 100 Senators voted on a bill.


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#guncontrol amendments:
@ChuckGrassley: 53-47
@ChrisMurphyCT: 44-56
@TeamCornyn: 53-47
@SenFeinstein: 47-53

Feinstein’s “no fly, no buy” amendment would have blocked people on a terrorist watch list banned from flying while under investigation from buying a gun, but was voted down due to an absolute lack of due process in the terror watchlist process, something all Americans should care about.

Senator Cornyn’s amendment would have given the Attorney General power to delay gun purchases for up to 72 hours by anyone suspected of terrorism or investigated for terrorism in the last 5 years. Democrats failed to mention that, under existing law, any time terror watchlist suspect tries buy a gun the FBI is notified of that attempt.


Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) put forth a bill to close the so-called “gun show loophole”, a political term made by anti-gun zealots that describes a person to person transaction – often between family members or friends – rather than the vast majority of gun show sales. The bill also would have expanded the background check database to include even more Americans.

“I know at a deep personal level what Orlando is going through,” Murphy said on the Senate floor. “For all of the scarring, psychological harm that comes with losing a loved one or a neighbor, more harm is piled on when you find out that the people you elected to run your country just don’t care. It hurts something awful when you lose someone, but it gets worse when your leaders are silent, are totally silent in the face of your personal horror.”

Earlier today, the NRA made it clear they would not sit idly by while Second Amendment rights are destroyed, saying that politicians who voted for gun control measures would “pay the price for it”.

It seems the nation’s oldest and largest gun rights organization is going to protect Americans rights, even if Democrats want to destroy them.

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