The Iowa Caucuses are pretty much in the book at this point and the results might not be what most people were expecting. Many were expecting businessman Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton to cruise to easy victories. However, that’s not what happened at all.

With 99% of the GOP vote in, Ted Cruz is projected to win with 28% of the vote to 24% Donald Trump and 23% Marco Rubio. Rubio and Trump were separated by a mere several hundred votes.

This is a clear loss for the Trump campaign, which was counting on a strong performance based on poll numbers. This is obviously a bin win for the Cruz camp and the Rubio campaign has to be happy with a very close third place finish in the initial contest.

With 81% of the vote reported, the Democratic caucus is still to close to call. Clinton is holding on to a razor thin lead of less than 1% over socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.

Martin O’Malley announced he would suspend his campaign after failing to garner more than 1% of the Democratic vote.

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