[CAUGHT ON CAMERA] Machete Wielding Intruder Shot By Homeowner

What started with the sound of windows breaking and the terrified screams of a neighbor quickly escalated for James Cvengros when an intruder kicked in his front door armed with a machete.

Cvengros shot the intruder, his neighbor Twain Thomas three times in the chest with a 9mm handgun.

“In my mind, it lasted for hours, but on the video it all happened in seconds,” Cvengros said.

After being shot twice, Cvengros was surprised Thomas kept coming at him.

“He didn’t stop until the third shot,” Cvengros said. “Then he went down.”


After being wounded, and while being held at gunpoint waiting for the police to arrive, Thomas admitted it was his intention to kill Cvengros and his girlfriend.

The incident last February was not the first encounter between Cvengros and Thomas. Previously, Thomas kicked his door in because he said Cvengros was playing his music too loud.

“I decided that it was my responsibility to protect myself and my girlfriend,” Cvengros told local reporters.

According to the Idaho State Journal,

Cvengros consulted friends in the military, did some online research and watched gun safety videos on YouTube.

“I chose a 9mm because it’s popular with police and the military,” Cvengros said. “And I wanted something that wouldn’t be so big I couldn’t handle the recoil.”

His weapon became evidence in the case against Thomas, but Cvengros said the gun will be returned after the 42-day appeal period following sentencing.

Since the shooting in February, Cvengros has purchased two other handguns, and Gearhart upgraded her .22 pistol to a larger caliber.  Cvengros also plans to obtain a concealed weapons permit.

“Before this, my mom was absolutely anti-gun. Not anymore,” Cvengros said.


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