Once Donald Trump Secured the republican nomination, celebrities on both coasts began making bold statements about how far away from America they’d move if he got elected. And now he has. So how many have immigrated? Not many.

That’s a lie. Not any. None. Not yet. One of the ones who seemed more serious about the prospect was Chelsea Handler. The talk-show host had told everyone that she’d even bought a house in Spain, and was ready to make the move.


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Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote–or it appears that way now. That vote won’t be cast officially until December 19th. Yet everyone is preparing for a Trump presidency, however reluctantly.


But not Handler. Like most of the other Hillary supporters who made bold promises, she’s now looking for ways to justify not moving to Spain. For her, as it is with many of these celebrity icons, she’s justifying her decision to stay by linking it with her career.

Take the example of Amy Schumer. When asked if she was leaving, as she’d promised, Schumer said she was just kidding about leaving. It was a joke. She is a comedian, after-all. That’s what she does.


Handler has become a talk-show host. So she’s leaning on her “voice” as a reason to stay. She has to stay; it is her responsibility to use her talk-show-platform for good, and she can’t very well do that from Spain.

One of the most amusing segments of the video clip below (once you get past all the crying accusations of sexism) is Handler’s statements on what should disqualify candidates seeking office. Telling lies is one of them. Telling “three lies in a row,” Handler says, should disqualify you from running.

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One problem, though. That eliminates Clinton. Fast. Based on this logic, there was only one candidate who might have been in the race at the end of this election cycle. He’s pictured above. Here’s the breakdown on his truthfulness compared to the other candidates.


And speaking of lies, Handler assured her viewers that she’s not like “all these people that threaten to leave the country and then don’t.”

So what is she like, then? We’re waiting.


If you like to wallow in the misery of others, this is a good video. I’d suggest skipping ahead to the 8 minute mark. That’s when the tears begin.

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