Ah, the Russians. Remember the good-old Cold War days when we knew exactly who our enemy was, and blamed everything on them? It was all Russia’s fault for 40 years or more. And now the good-times are back! Guess who orchestrated the massive email hack released by Wikileaks? That’s right–Russians who support Donald Trump.

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Or at least that’s how Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, sees it. On Sunday Mook said that the Democratic National Committee hack was perpetrated by Russians in order to help Donald Trump become president.

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As if Trump needs help from a bunch of coked-up teenage whiz kids behind the iron curtain who have nothing better to do than practice their English skills translating anti-Sanders emails.

Nope. The Democratic party is looking just as jacked up as the Republican party.

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Mook told ABC’s “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos, “What’s disturbing about this entire situation is that experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke into the DNC, took all these e-mails, and now are leaking them out through these websites.”

What’s disturbing about this entire situation…. Um. Mook? What’s disturbing about this situation is that the Democratic National Committee, who is supposed to be impartial, has been rigging primaries and media coverage to favor the Clinton camp ever since Hillary announced her candidacy.

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But if Mook wants to whine, and pretend that the Russians are coming, that’s his business. We in the media will make sure America keeps its eye on the ball–which is blatant political corruption.

“Obviously they have to determine what’s accurate, what’s been doctored,” Mook said, “what hasn’t been doctored. And it’s troubling that some experts are telling us this was done by the Russians for the purpose of helping Donald Trump,” Mook said.

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Oh, so they didn’t just release 20,000 emails, but they went in and edited 20,000 emails to make the donkeys look bad.

“For the purpose of helping Donald Trump,”  Stephanopoulos asked rhetorically.

“That’s what some experts are saying,” Mook answered.

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“Is that what you believe?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Well, I don’t know. The experts need to tell us that,” Mook said.

The experts need to tell Mook what he believes. Now that’s funny.

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