The Democrats are scrounging for anything that might offer a setback to Donald Trump’s transition team. The Democratic Coalition has reportedly filed an FBI complaint against the newly appointed Senior White House Advisor, Steven Bannon.

The complaint argues that Bannon violated a federal campaign finance law when he was coordinated Super PAC activities with the Trump campaign.


Bannon’s appointment to Trump’s cabinet has been controversial since it was announced. Bannon allegedly has a close connection to groups such as the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan and has been accused of making openly anti-Semitic remarks.

The Democrats accuse Bannon of receiving payments in excess of $950,090 to his Glittering Steel LLC production company from the Make America Number 1 PAC  during the 2016 primary and general election cycle.


The law the complaint is filed under, Federal Election Campaign Act carries a hefty prison sentence. In the first ever prosecuted case, a Virginia man was sentenced to 24 months in a plea bargain deal.

The Democratic Coalition wrote: “On Tuesday morning, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump reported Trump Senior Advisor and Former Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon to the FBI for breaking campaign finance law. Over the course of the Trump campaign, Bannon was paid $950,090 by pro-Trump Super PAC, Make America Number 1, through his company Glittering Steel LLC, both before and after Bannon assumed his role as campaign CEO.”


The film “Clinton Cash” was created and produced by Bannon’s Glittering Steel company and information from the film was often used during the campaign to discredit Clinton. It seems Bannon might not be a favorite among Democrats.

The complaint continues: “According to federal campaign finance law, it is illegal for Super PACs to coordinate operations with campaigns. Additionally, there is a 120-day “cooling off” period for when Super PAC employees leave to work on the campaign their PAC was supporting to avoid any potential coordination. Steve Bannon was paid by Make America Number 1 on August 8, 2016, and then became Trump campaign CEO on August 17, 2016, directly violating the 120-day cooling off period. Additionally, Bannon was paid by the PAC after he became campaign CEO, which likely means there was coordination.”


Scott Dworkin, the senior advisor to the coalition, commented on the complaint, “This is yet another example of the corruption that took place over the course of the Trump campaign. Except now, Steve Bannon has a spot as a senior advisor to the White House.”

Dworkin added, “I can only hope that the FBI will investigate this incident without being clouded by Bannon’s new position.”


A complete investigation will ensue, looking into Glittering Steel LLC and the Make America Number 1 PAC to ultimately determine if Stephen Bannon’s work for the PAC’s contractor and the Trump Campaign violated federal election laws.'

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