Dumping sewage into storm drains breaks a federal law that some may be unaware of.  And many violators who have done so in the past have served jail time or been forced to pay large fines.

But it seems when a DNC bus did the same thing in Lawrenceville, Georgia, they walked away unscathed. Their defense? A DNC spokesperson has since claimed that it was an “honest mistake,” citing they were unaware of the law.


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If the DNC is able to get away with not being charged as an ordinary person would, can the law still hold the same merit it previously did?

Shouldn’t the same penalties apply to everyone – even more so for powerful and well-known offenders?


A  Lawrenceville man, Mike Robins, witnessed a DNC representative get off the bus “and dump ‘it’s sewage into the storm drain’” around 9:30 a.m. The witness told Fox 5, “You don’t pull up and dump raw sewage on the street and in the storm drain. You just don’t do that.”


Police Capt. Jeff Smith said, “There is a city violation for dumping materials into the storm drain system, obviously this feeds into streams.”

So they’re going to be charged any day now, right? Probably not. The Washington Post reported that “Lawrenceville police told Fox 5 that they are not filing charges, but opted to hand over the investigation to the state’s Environmental Protection Agency.”


Well, that just doesn’t seem fair when you consider what happened to Lawrence Lewis. Lewis worked in the district school system as a janitor while taking night classes to provide for a better life for him and his daughters.

Lewis eventually becoming chief engineer for the Knollwood military retirement center. He was also a caretaker for his elderly mother and a role model for his two daughters.


When Lewis ran into an issue with the plumbing backing up at the retirement home where he worked, he tried to rectify the issue by diverting the sewage into a nearby storm drain which he believed flowed into city’s sewage treatment facilities.

Unbeknownst to him, the storm drain actually ran into Rock Creek, which flows into the Potomac River. Lewis barely avoided a felony conviction and an extensive jail sentence only by pleading guilty to a misdemeanor, for which he was sentenced to one year of probation.


Where is the justice for Lewis and others like him if the DNC can simply say we made an “honest mistake?” Lewis’ honest mistake wasn’t swept under the rug.

The man that witnessed the DNC dumping said it best, “It’s wrong, it’s absolutely wrong. I don’t care whose name is on the bus.”



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