What a difference a day makes when. The Ferguson Police Department today released the name of the officer involved in the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown.

We’ve been inundated in the media with reports of how Michael Brown was a “good kid”, had graduated high school, and was getting ready to start technical school for HVAC repair.

Just one little problem… moments before his death, Brown was allegedly involved in a robbery of a convenience store. The officer who shot Brown? He was responding to the 911 all for that robbery.


Brown Robbery


According to the incident report from the Ferguson Police Department:

The video reveals Brown enter the store followed by Johnson. Brown approaches the register with Johnson standing behind him.  [STORE OWNER] can be seen in the background walking from the restroom to behind the counter. Brown hands a box of Swisher Sweets to Johnson. An apparent struggle or confrontation seems to take place with Brown, however it is obscured by a display case on the counter. Meanwhile Johnson sets the box he was handed back on the counter.

Brown turns away from the counter with another box of Swisher Sweet cigars and walks towards the exit door.  [STORE OWNER] then comes out from behind the counter, with what appears to be a set of keys in his hands. [STORE OWNER] then stands between Brown and the exit door.

Brown, still holding a box of Swisher Sweets in his right hand, grabs [STORE OWNER] by his shirt with his left hand. Brown aggressively pulls [STORE OWNER] in close to him and then immediately pushes him back in to a display rack. Johnson continues out the door and out of camera frame. [STORE OWNER], no longer between Brown and the door, stops and watches Brown as he walks towards the exit door. Brown abruptly turns back around and advances on [STORE OWNER]. Brown towers over [STORE OWNER] appearing to intimidate him. Brown then turns and walks out of camera view.


So the officer didn’t randomly come across Michael Brown that fateful day, he was responding to a 911 call for Brown as a suspect in the robbery.

As for the “Johnson” mentioned in the report, that would be Dorian Johnson. You probably remember Dorian Johnson as the eye-witness on the news that said Brown was doing nothing when the officer shot and killed him. 



Brown Report 1


Brown Report 2


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