As the election is well underway, numerous reports of irregularities and problems have begun to surface. This may be the first example of actual violence, and it was bound to happen with such a divisive and emotional presidential election.

A Jupiter, Florida woman was reportedly attacked by a Hillary Clinton supporter after she was handing out the Republican Nominee, Donald Trump’s brochure. Now the local Jupiter police department is asking for peace at the polls during an already turbulent election.


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Donna Ctatlici called officers to her local polling site after she claimed she was assaulted by a Hillary Clinton supporter. The Jupiter women said she was attacked after handing out pamphlets in support of Donald Trump.

The alleged assaulter was a man supporting Hillary Clinton who had a heated conversation with Ctatlici over her choice of presidential candidate.


According to reports, the Democratic supporter lunged at the Trump supporter, and it only escalated from there.

Ctatlici claimed that after some angry words between the two, the man then proceeded into the voting offices. The conflict seemed to end there until the man came out and initiated a confrontation with the Trump supporter once more.


She said, “He walked past me and then turned around and came charging at me and he just put his hand on my shoulder.” Ctatlici felt threatened and in defense, she informed the aggressive Clinton supporter that she was going to pepper spray him.

According to Ctatlici, he then got in her face and started to scream. “Then he threw me down and started punching me,” she said. At that point, the Trump supporter used her pepper spray. She told CBS12, she suffered a few minor wounds and plans to press charges.

According to CBS12, police came to the scene and took the Clinton man’s statement but no arrest was made. They’re hoping not to see any more violence throughout the rest of this polarizing election.


Many polling locations prohibit advertising for a candidate. They are usually told that they must stand a certain number of feet away from the polling site.


We vote to express our own political ideology and to have our voice heard, but there is no excuse to use violence over a political difference of opinion.

Below is the video of what transpired at the polls.'

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