Getting robbed has a way of leaving an impression. Getting robbed twice in less than a month? That what’s spurred a Sauk Rapids gas station owner into action. He wants the crimes to stop, and he’s asking for help from his customers. What kind of help?

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He’s wants more good-guys-with-guns visiting his establishment. So he’s posted a piece of paper that advertises a new policy at his Shell gas station.

“If you come in and provide evidence that you are law enforcement, security or have a permit to carry a firearm — if you show it to my employees you’ll get a 10 cent per gallon discount on any gas you’ll buy,” says Frank Schwagel.

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His store was robbed in March and again in May of this year. For a small town gas station, that seems to be an alarming trend. One of the robberies happened at gunpoint.

“It’s very frustrating,” Schwagel said. “You get mad and concerned about your employees.”

As would be expected, the crimes are being investigated. Schwagel’s store had security and cameras, but his security efforts weren’t enough to prevent or solve either of the crimes. So he’s updating those, but taking it to the next level.

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So he’s offered a $.10 discount on gas purchases to law enforcement officers and those with concealed carry permits–but only after 7:00 pm.

“It was just an idea to increase store traffic in the evening and get people in here so my employees wouldn’t have to be down here alone at night,” he said.

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The news went up early this past week, and the news has increased traffic. It has also created a bit of a national buzz. The images of his sign have gone viral.

“The next thing, the radio was calling and newspaper,”Schwagel said “and now TV stations are calling. It’s working out so far. We have a lot more people coming in at night versus what we used to have. It’s been a good thing so far.”

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