Democratic politicians have concocted a new scheme to keep perfectly legal guns out of the hands of law abiding American citizens. What’s their plan? If they can’t repeal the Second Amendment outright, they’ll simply tax guns into oblivion. Ralph DLG Torres, Governor of The Northern Mariana Islands–a U.S. territory, has passed a provision that asses a $1,000 tax on the sale of every gun.

While the preposterous government overreach seems like a joke to many us, some politicians see a model they hope will work in their home districts.Think it sounds too outrageous to be true? Consider that the idea isn’t anything new. Gun enthusiasts have been fighting unconstitutional infringements on firearm ownership for decades.


The National Firearms Act of 1934 and the amendment—The Gun Control Act of 1968 made some guns so expensive that most simply couldn’t afford them. Silencers, short-barreled Rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and machineguns have all been taxed to the point that most Americans assume the guns are now illegal.

Very few Americans can point to the Northern Mariana Islands on a map. Even fewer had ever heard of Public law 19-42, part of which contains the mandate that imposes the $1,000 tax on each gun purchase. But Gov. Torres believes his approach to gun control can serve as a model for other states who see guns, and not the illegal and felonious intentions of individuals, as the evil that must be addressed.


Could this nefarious tax take root in the American heartland? Maybe you’ve heard we have an election coming up. One of the front-runners in this year’s presidential race likes the idea of the tax.

Back in 1993, Hillary Clinton proposed a 25% tax on all firearm sales. While her vision wasn’t adopted, she’s never backed away from her position.

If the Mariana tax survives in court, it will serve as an inspiration and model for legislative efforts much closer to home.

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