A black activist and official in the Republican party is calling on President Obama to take action to protect police.

Joe Evans, a former vice-chairman and executive director of the Jefferson County Republican Party in Texas learned Harris County Sheriff’s Office Debuty Darren Goforth had been murdered while working out and was immediately compelled to make this video challenging President Obama and other national leaders.

Evans, a candidate for county supervisor, posted the video to Facebook and it’s trending viral.

In the video, Evans pulls no punches on what needs to happen:

Unfortunately, my workout was cut short when I saw that another officer was assassinated last night… and many people will blame it on us not taking a serious approach to mental health, or we need stricter gun laws.

But I think we should start by denouncing the Black Lives Matter movement.

I challenge every leader, starting with the president down to myself, to denounce the black lives matter movement,” he said. “It’s a racist movement — racist to the core — and it will only cause more division and more hate among Americans.

Its a racist movement. Racist to the core. And it only causes more divistion and more hate among American.s

What happened last night was a senseless act of violence. Anytime you openly have a group of people making it their point to say their lives are better than another group of peoples lives, you set yourself up fgor this type of styff.

Denounce the Black Lives Matter movement, replace it with All Lives Matter so we can understand that everyone’s life is precious.

We’ve managed to devalue life for some reason lately and these organizers win because of it.

Let’s stay united. Denounce that movement.

Do you believe Black Lives Matter should be replaced with All Lives Matter?

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