The House Benghazi committee released its final report, delivering their findings from the 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya. The results support what many have believed all along, that Hillary Clinton’s State Department shifted blame for the attacks onto a bogus anti-Muslim video.

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It was a damning report. So what does the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party do in response? She took to social media to launch new attacks the Second Amendment.

Clinton detailed three actions Americans can take to keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

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The first? “Close the terror gap.”

The horrific mass shooting in Orlando is the latest tragedy to shed light on the deep flaws in our country’s gun laws. The gunman in this case had previously been investigated by the FBI for having potential ties to terrorism—and yet he was able to legally purchase an assault rifle that he would later use to kill 49 people without the sale so much as flagged for the FBI.

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The terror gap is a fanciful term that amounts to denying Americans due process. Many of the people on the “terror watch list” have not committed a crime. Someone thinks they might commit a crime, but…. So we can’t legally deny them any constitutional rights.

This may not sit well with any of us. No one at the NRA likes it–I don’t like it. Yet I’m not willing to give up freedom to defend freedom. That just seems a bit ironic.

The second? “Enact comprehensive background checks.”

Even if the FBI had the power to block gun sales to terror suspects, that alone would do little to stop terrorists from obtaining guns. That’s because under federal law, background checks are only required for gun sales at brick-and-mortar stores—not purchases at gun shows or online.

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So… where does Hillary shop for guns online that doesn’t require a background check? That’s new to me. If you use a service like Gunbroker, you still have to have the guns shipped to a gun dealer, who has to do a background check. The gun-show-loophole has been hammered repeatedly, and it is set to change this summer. So it that a moot point? It is easy to ask for something Obama has already executive-actioned into existence.

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The third request? “Keep military-style weapons off our streets.”

Her last point is so familiar to everyone that she wastes very little ink on it. “We’re not going to legislate hate away, but we can pass laws to make hate less deadly.” That’s it.

I’ll translate it for you. We can’t stop terrorists from killing us, but we can take away their guns and the guns of everyone else to that when they find new ways of killing us–like IEDs, or flying airplanes into buildings, no one will be able to effectively fight back.

To sum up–Hillary, as the Secretary of State, was head of an agency that denied multiple requests for assistance to the Americans who later died in Libya. Then she lied about why the attack happened in the first place. And now she’s been called out, publicly, for lying about it. So she can’t lie about it anymore.

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So what does she do? She changes the subject. She wants to make sure that no potential terrorists can buy guns. No–she wants to make sure that we don’t sell any more guns, and that we have extensive rules that already exist to govern the guns we won’t be selling, and she wants to make sure there’s an extra list that “exists” but is never published or printed anywhere, one that you will never know if you are on….

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I personally think its time for a president who knows how to call bullshit on politicians pulling lame political stunts.

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