Conspiracy theorists are working overtime this week, and the mainstream media continues to provide them with some very convincing ammunition. Consider this magazine–Newsweek, no less–and all of the possible ways it can be interpreted.

Newsweek has reportedly shipped thousands of boxes of magazines all across the country. In these boxes are magazines congratulating Hillary on her election win. Congratulations, Madame President.


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The most plausible theory to explain these images is simple. While the rumors claim there are thousands of boxes, we’re only seeing leaked images of one magazine. So perhaps it is a test print. We have no actual evidence (yet) that there are thousands in print.

If they have been printed, which is likely, than it may be a gamble. By betting on the presumptive winner (and Clinton is still the presumptive winner), Newsweek may be able to beat other print rags to the shelves, and sell more copies to those wanting to commemorate the election of the first woman president. Other magazines will have to react fast.

One the flip-side of this argument the idea that this is less of an election, and more of a selection. The decision has been made. It was always Hillary. If you look at the Wikileaks emails, you will find ample support for collusion and corruption in the Democratic National Committee–why would anyone assume it stopped there?


Those who believe this is evidence of the rigged system point to the bar-code image on the magazine. That would be the last element added to a magazine before publication.


It is possible that there are reasons for this leaked image that go beyond conspiracy theories. Critics say that this could be a tactic designed to depress Trump supporters. If everyone–even Newsweek–thinks she’s already won (they claim), voters may give up and skip out on the voting process.


Or perhaps there are hundreds of thousands of Trump magazines, too, and we’re not seeing them. Consider the major sporting contests in this country. Just last week, all of the Cleveland Indians World Series Champs (hats, shirts, mugs…) had to be printed and ready. And now it is all being unloaded on charities in 3rd world countries as a massive tax write-off.

Check out this video. It will give you more on the perspective of those who feel the fix is in.

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