Protests against the election of Donal Trump as President of the United States continue unabated. The politically minded members of democratic party, and many other social justice warriors are out in force, refusing to accept the election results.

Critics of all of this newly energized activism find much of it to be humorous. These demonstrators could have been out before the election making their voices heard, but many were not. And now there’s something else that appears to unify the group.


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They didn’t vote. Many of the protestors who are so upset about the results of the election didn’t actually take part in the election process.


The Police in Portland have arrested at least 112 anti-Donald Trump demonstrators. As the arrests were made, the media checked their voting records. More than half of those arrested in Oregon didn’t vote in the recent election.


Local NBC affiliate KGW-TV compiled the list of names. They’ve checked the ages of those arrested and used those names and ages to cross-reference voting rolls.


These logs indicate that 34 of the protesters arrested didn’t participate in the November 8 election. Thirty-five of the demonstrators taken into custody weren’t even registered to vote in Oregon.


Twenty-five demonstrators who were arrested did vote. That leaves 17 others in the sample group that aren’t accounted for. It is possible that some of these people who were arrested are not local to the state of Oregon, which could lend credibility to the argument that many of these protestors are coming in from the outside.


There is an irony here, obviously, and it is closely related to what many see now as the fatal flaw of the 2016 democratic hopeful. Clinton refused to take Trump supporters seriously. The media–even many pundits who lean right–refused to take him seriously. Yet now, a week out, they still can’t accept that millions of Americans not only did take Trump seriously, but voted him into office.

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