With the Hearing Protection Act almost certain to pass, America’s suppressor makers have begun ramping up production. As soon as suppressors are removed from the National Firearms Act, buying one will be as easy as buying any handgun or rifle. But why not buy a gun with the suppressor built in?

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SilencerCo, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of suppressors, has long been an innovator in the industry. One of their most attention-grabbing products is a 9mm pistol that has a suppressor built in: the Maxim 9.

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This allows for a combined package that is not much larger than a typical 9mm pistol. Most suppressors require aftermarket threaded barrels, and extend well beyond the muzzle of the gun. This makes handguns much longer, and unwieldy.

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The addition of an external suppressor may also block the use of a handgun’s sights. The integral suppressor eliminates this problem.

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SilencerCo announced the Maxim 9 almost two years ago, and it looks like the final version of the gun/suppressor combo will be available in April.

When used with sub-sonic 9mm ammunition, the gun is hearing safe. No hearing protection required. With defensive ammunition, noise levels are greatly reduced, but still loud enough to damage hearing.

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The MSRP on the Maxim 9 will be $1,500. As of now, you’ll have to have the tax stamp (which adds extra paperwork, a long wait, and $200). Once the Hearing Protection Act passes, the wait and the tax stamp will disappear.

There still might be quite a long wait to find one of the guns, though. This will be the first pistol SilencerCo produces. At the SHOT Show this week, in Las Vegas, SilencerCo confirmed the specs on the final production model and assured fans that they’re in production now. It is yet to be seen if the supply will be able to meet the demand.

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If the industry trade show in Vegas was any indication, this is finally going to be a reality. Once the final specs are solidified, holster makers and accessory makers get busy–and the results of their efforts were already on display.

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