Former Los Angeles Lakers player Metta World Peace (formerly Ron Artest) made a video message to black people who are distraught over the election loss. Yet his message isn’t making everyone happy.

“People are still talking about ‘white people this, white people that’ clearly a lot of white people voted for Hillary and a lot of people voted for Donald Trump.”


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“The more we make it a white and black issue then that’s the more racism that’s going to come out,” World Peace wrote.

“So stay here, don’t leave and stop crying. Be strong and everything will be alright.”


The message to stay here is resonating with celebrities who promised to leave. It looks like all of the I’ll-leave-if-Trump-wins promises were just empty attempts at making headlines. But World Peace’s message to stay strong lacks the specifics his critics really need to act.


Metta World Peace is no stranger to controversy. Ron Artest Changed his name to Metta World Peace, which is enough to secure his eccentric reputation, but there were some on-court controversies, too. Artest was part of an epic brawl in 2011 that has come to be known as the Malice at the Palace.


An on-court brawl broke out with a minute left in the game between the Pacers and the Pistons. After, a fan threw a drink onto Artest from the stands. Artest then took the fight off the court and into the stand, where numerous spectators proceeded to go at it.


As a basketball player, World Peace played for six different teams. After coming out of St. John’s University, he made a name for himself in the league–or rather for Ron Artest. Artest was the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2004, and part of the 2010 Lakers team that won the NBA Championship.



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