Many gun owners joke about shooting down drones be they belonging to the government or other entities.

It looks like one NJ gun owner actually followed through with that threat when his neighbor’s drone was taking photos of his home.

According to a local media report,

According to investigators, officers with the Lower Township Police Department were called to a home in the 1000 block of Seashore Road on September 26th to investigate the report by a resident that his remote control helicopter (drone) was shot down.

Investigators say the resident was taking aerial photographs of his friend’s home, which is under construction.

While doing so, the resident told police he heard several gunshots as he simultaneously lost control of the drone.

After retrieving the drone, the resident observed multiple holes in it that were consistent with a shotgun blast.

Police showed up and promptly arrested the homeowner after finding a shotgun in his possession (which was confiscated).

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