Leon Panetta broke the Democratic National Committee’s relative silence concerning terrorism Wednesday. It was long overdue. And as the former director of the CIA and a Secretary of State, Panetta is in a good position to understand the threats he addressed. And yet the crowd wasn’t having any of it. They heckled him. They booed him.

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This is an odd mix of messages from the convention floor. Panetta was clearly brought in to talk about Clinton’s ability to lead the military, and to belittle Donald Trump. And yet he was jeered by the delegates on the floor.

As he talked about the “unstable world” we live in, the delegates chanted “no more war,” and “lies, lies, lies.” The implication from the delegates is that there’s no need for a military response to the terrorist threats Panetta detailed. They’d hear none of it.

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As the cameras panned to the delegates and their rude heckling, the DNC machine had the good judgement to dim the lights. That didn’t stop them, though, and they were determined to be heard form the floor and to be seen. When the lights went down, they lit up their cell phones.

That’s what this is–a media circus.

The speech could have completely backfired on the DNC, but Panetta knows how to work a crowd. When the conflagration from the floor erupts, he pacifies them with this gem: “Hillary Clinton is the single most experienced and prepared person who has ever run for president of the united states.”

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Wow. Could he possibly believe that one? Should we jump on over to Snopes and check it out? I’m having a hard time now. I’d just begun to feel really sorry for Panetta when he whipped that one out. And poof–nothing else that he said held mattered. And then he went on to say that it was Clinton who made the decision to pursue Bin Laden.

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