Police to Obama: AR-15 Ammo Ban Not Needed

“Any ammunition is of concern to police in the wrong hands, but this specific round has historically not posed a law enforcement problem,” said James Pasco, executive director of the Washington office of the Fraternal Order of Police, the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with more than 325,000 members.

Echoing a claim of gun owners across the nation, Pasco explained that M855 is mostly for target practice and “is not typically used against law enforcement.”

“While this round will penetrate soft body armor, it has not historically posed a threat to law enforcement.”

THe comments are a significant blow to the Obama Administration’s purported reason for supporting the ban. On Monday, White House Spokesman Josh Earnest said, “we are looking at additional ways to protect our brave men and women in law enforcement and believe that this process is valuable for that reason alone. This seems to be an area where everyone should agree that if there are armor-piercing bullets available that can fit into easily concealed weapons, that it puts our law enforcement at considerably more risk.”

Hiding behind “officer safety” as an excuse to implement a backdoor gun control measure is disingenuous at best. Claiming that AR-15 pistols, which typically run around eighteen inches are “easily concealable” is simply laughable.

The backlash to the proposal has been swift and widespread both among the citizenry and elected officials. Hundreds of Congressmen from both parties have signed a letter stating their opposition to the proposed ban.

Congressman Tom Rooney (R-FL) has gone a step further by introducing the Protecting Second Amendment Rights Act that would completely strip the ATF of it’s authority to regulate ammunition.

“The Obama administration’s proposal would unilaterally strip law-abiding hunters and sportsmen of their Second Amendment rights,” Rooney said in a statement.

“Congress has made its intentions clear that this ammunition is for sporting purposes and should not be restricted. We cannot and we will not stand by while the Obama administration tramples on the Constitution, the rule of law, and the Second Amendment rights of hunters.”

The people don’t want this ban. The Congress doesn’t want this ban. The police don’t want this ban. Yet the anti-gun movement will use dictatorial tactics to bypass the will of the people as long as it means dragging the nation just a little closer to their point of view.

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