For anyone unfamiliar with the TV show Match Game, it is a reboot of a classic game show, featuring contestants answering fill-in-the-blank type questions and trying to match answers given by a celebrity panelist.

Liberal Alec Baldwin hosts the game show and had conservative right-wing, former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin on for the season finale. And to the viewer’s surprise, Palin and Baldwin got along and fed off each other’s comedic styles.


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Baldwin quickly set the tempo of the show from the get-go by saying to Palin, “I’m simply gonna start by asking you what everyone is dying to know — what the hell are you doing here?”

To which Palin wittily responded, “I want a challenge. I want to do the antithesis of what I should be doing.”


This was not by any means the only comment that was directed in Palin’s directions but to give credit where credit is due, she took it like a champ. The host later jokingly said Palin’s real reason for being here was, “Sarah Palin is here because Tina Fey won’t return my phone calls.”

Palin made sure that when it was her time to shine, she made it count. Of all the possible questions that could have been asked, Palin’s question was about the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. The question read, “Hillary Clinton just opened up a new magic show on the Las Vegas strip. For her final trick, she makes everyone’s _________ disappear.”

The correct answer here was “Election Ballots,” but Palin took her opportunity in stride and shouted out “Brains.” To everyone’s surprise, she even got the liberal Baldwin to partake in the laughter and give her a “high five.”

It wasn’t long after the show that many took to social media to express how impressed they were with her comedic genius.

Finally, Palin took to Facebook, where she told her followers how reassuring it was to be able to combine the worlds of super-liberal Hollywood and, as she puts it, a “commonsense conservative.”

This episode will be a tough one to beat for the start of the next season. Palin brought her A game and showed the world just because you are conservative doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and poke fun at others.'

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