Authority exists to be questioned. You start with your parents. Then you spend nine months of every year banging headlong into various authority figures that try, desperately, to mold and shape you into something meaningful. It is your duty to resist.

Yet, since the 50s, the cliche rebel has been devoid of a good cause. Not this kid. Check out this epic exchange between a student and his teacher–all over an anti-Clinton t-shirt.

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Richard Gautier posted this on Facebook, “So…Mason wore his ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ shirt to school today. One of his Clinton-supporting teachers whom he’s had political discussions with asked, ‘Did you wear that for me?’”

The teacher hasn’t made his allegiance to the Clinton campaign much of a secret. It is hard to keep political opinions to yourself. Still, regardless of how you feel about teachers sharing their beliefs in the classroom–it is a valuable process if it isn’t preachy, or accompanied by the expectation that students will parrot his or her beliefs.

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But we’re talking epic, in-your-face-rebellion, and Mason Gautier is quick on the draw. Nothing says rebellion like a concise, pithy one-liner that shuts the opponent down.

So when the teacher asks “Did you wear that for me?” Mason wasted no time with his response.

“No,” he said. “For Chris Stevens.”

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Ouch. Talk about campaign commercials. That would exchange would make a devastating 15 second spot. And it would do more for the Trump campaign than any of the silliness he keeps stringing together.

No word on how the teacher responded to Mason’s shut down. I hope he didn’t have to ask, “who?”

And I’d like to applaud Mason for the complexity of his political sentiment. It is one thing to blindly support a candidate. It is another to have a considered opinion about why another candidate is unfit to lead.

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