The second debate between the two presidential candidates was greatly overshadowed by the now infamous Trump tape that showed the candidate openly boasting about his strategies for sexual conquest.

In an effort to counteract the damage that Trump had really done to himself, the republican nominee brought several special guests with him to the debate–most notable were several women who accuse Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.


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Tonight’s special guest list will include a much more powerful and more poignant attack dog for Trump. Pat Smith, the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, will be in attendance at the third presidential debate at the request of Donald Trump.


In 2012, the US diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by militants who wanted the Americans out of their country. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State at that point, and many hold her directly responsible for the death of the Americans at the outpost.


Clinton was the one who ultimately bore the responsibility for holding back the American military response to the attack. As a result, Sean Smith, and others who held off the attack while waiting for American reinforcements, were killed. The American response team sat on the runway in Italy, waiting for orders that never came.


Smith blames Hillary Clinton for the death of her son. Clinton has never accepted responsibility for her role in ignoring the requests for backup that came out of the embassy hours before any of the Americans were overtaken and killed.


Smith confirmed  she would attend the debate, and welcomed Trump’s invitation. Smith spoke at the Republican National Convention and accused Clinton of lying about the attack which Clinton blamed on an anti-Islamic video.

“I think I’m going to be in the front row. But I’m not sure,” Smith said. “I want to look in Hillary’s eyes, and have her lie to me again.”

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