When Donald Trump was asked how to handle ISIS, he said the only way is to go Patton on their asses. [Scroll Down For Video]

ABC News debate moderator Martha Raddatz asked the GOP presidential candidate about his past statement that he’d “vigorously bomb” ISIS and asked: “How would you get rid of [ISIS] so quickly, and please give specifics?”

Four years ago I said bomb the oil and take the oil. And if we did that, they wouldn’t have the wealth we have. Now I still say the same thing.”

The bombastic leader in the New Hampshire polls continued:

“We don’t want to bomb the oil because we don’t want to pollute the atmosphere. Can you imagine General Douglas Macarthur or General Patton saying we can’t bomb because we’re going to hurt the atmosphere?

“You have to bomb the hell out of the oil. You have to take the oil.”

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