As many Americans know, the 2016 presidential election is coming up in November. Hollywood actors seem to think that the America’s populous is unaware and uninformed.

So the actors have been running a campaign reminding Americans to vote in November. But one group is fed up with these arrogant actors’ so-called election advice.


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Brabender Cox which is an outfit that promotes itself as “saving the world from bad advertising… 30-seconds at a time,” dropped a video on their YouTube channel in response to the actors treating Americans as dumb children who couldn’t think for themselves.

Their video starts by mocking the actors shown in the original commercials. One by one, they remind everyone that election day is on Tuesday, November 8th. It quickly starts by ridiculing the actors’ advice; one person says, “Wow, I had no idea it was then. I thought it was in January.”


These famous actors seem to think that we don’t know that this is an election year, and work hard to remind us that this election is important. Well, of course, it is important. Millions of Americans believe it is important every four years.

The celebrities act as if the voting booths are barren wastelands during November. Surely everyone is in agreement that for the majority of the days the polls are open, there are, for the most part, lengthy lines.



The worst part of the entire “reminding you to vote” campaign is these actors are biased towards Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Towards the end of the video, they tell us that Hillary Clinton isn’t being dishonest; she just “accidentally hit the delete button…thirty thousand times.” The video againstĀ the actors points out perfectly that if you are going to promote your personal agenda, you immediately lose all credibility.


Sure, they have fun with it and promote Republican Nominee Donald Trump, but the video is somewhat of a parody, and these famous actors seriously believe they are doing a national service by running this campaign for Americans.

At the end of the day, we are free to vote for whoever we feel can best handle the daunting task of being President of the United States for the next four years. That is what makes America great and what separates us from other countries.


It’s about time for Hollywood actors to realize that we are all adults voting and perhaps if they started treating their audienceĀ as such, it would go a long way improving their credibility.

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