There was an earthquake in Southern California late Tuesday night. The epicenter was in Hollywood, and it was triggered by hundreds of celebrities jaws hitting the floor at almost the same time. How could their candidate possibly lose?

The answer there still isn’t completely clear. Trump’s surprise come-back is the biggest come-from-behind-victory for a presidential candidate in living memory. And there were a  handful of celebrities who weren’t upset by his win.


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Admittedly, this list is shorter than the mile long lists of #nevertrump hypocrites desperately backtracking on their promises to leave the country, and it is mostly comprised of the few celebrities that openly endorsed Trump before his win, but here’s a few who are proud to stand up for what they believe in.

Stacey Dash, not one to shy away from criticism, celebrated Trump’s victory in full-force yesterday.
Dash is hardly alone, though.

Kirstie Alley, not one to shy away from a good controversy, is congratulating Trump.

Scott Baio, who Hollywood mercilessly mocked for his appearance at the Republican Convention is on the list of Trump supporters.

And some of the really old-timers–the venerated old men who are Hollywood legends, like John Voight are on the Trump Train.

Football legend Mike Ditka is voicing his support, though–to be fair–there are a lot of traditional football fans that have been diehard Trump supporters since day 1 of his candidacy.

While there is a rift in the Baldwin household, and some of the brothers may never speak to one another again, Alec Baldwin’s little brother Stephen is voicing his support for Trump.

And maybe the biggest, and most iconic of the Hollywood elite to come out in support of Trump is Clint Eastwood. Eastwood is the biggest celebrity to have endorsed Trump before the election, and the biggest name to back his presidency after.

The video below shows Eastwood’s views on Trump evolve. Very interesting viewing.

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