Is there anyone involved in politics that isn’t a complete bonehead? By now, you would think that everyone knows they are being watched. Hacked. Read. Whatever. If you don’t want someone else reading it, don’t write it down. That simple.

And yet, the Democratic National Committee continues to make mistakes, and then write about these mistakes to their coworkers. This latest batch of leaked emails, some 19,000 pages, contain some whoppers.

What are the gems? Well, there’s a bunch of open complaining about how much of a pain-in-the-ass Bernie Sanders is to the Democratic National Committee, who just wanted him to go away and let Hillary Clinton Win.

And this, on top of a whole stack of proof showing collusion between the Clinton camp and national media, has left Sanders asking for some accountability.

His campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, says Bernie is “disappointed.” That seems understandable. The DNC is supposed to support the party, and the democratic process, and not take sides between candidates or manipulate the message through national media outlets.

“Someone does have to be held accountable,” Weaver said. “We spent 48 hours of public attention worrying about who in the [Donald] Trump campaign was going to be held responsible for the fact that some lines of Mrs. Obama’s speech were taken by Mrs. Trump. Someone in the DNC needs to be held at least as accountable as the Trump campaign.”

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Weaver classified these emails as evidence misconduct. In short, he claims that this is proof that the Sanders campaign team was playing against an opponent that had rigged the game in her favor.

“Everybody is disappointed that much of what we felt was happening at the DNC was in fact happening, that you had in this case a clear example of the DNC taking sides and looking to place negative information into the political process.”

“We have an electoral process. The DNC, by its charter, is required to be neutral among the candidates. Clearly it was not,” Weaver said. “We had obviously pointed that out in a number of instances prior to this, and these emails just bear that out.”

“Everything our fans have been saying — and they were beaten down for and called conspiracy theorists,”Rania Batrice,a member of Sanders’ staff said, “and now it’s in black and white.”

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It is worthy to note that Wikileaks’ revelations come just days before the Democratic National Convention ramps up in Philadelphia. Could the leaked emails mean discord for the party?

“We are trying to build unity for the fall to beat Donald Trump and Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a figure of disunity in the party, not a figure of unity,” Weaver said. “She should consider what her options are,” he added–suggesting that she should resign.

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The next few days could bring out a treasure trove of anti-Clinton ammunition. For now, though, content yourself with this tid-bit from Brad Marshall, the Chief Financial Officer of the DNC sent on May 5, 2016:

“It might may [sic] no difference, but for KY and WA can we get someone to ask his belief, does he believe in God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My southern baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

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Hang on tight. This might be a bumpy road ahead next week for some democrats.

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