Mythbusters Asks – Can You Dodge a Bullet? [VIDEO]

Can a human being see a sniper’s muzzle flash and dodge a bullet?

Common sense says no, but Mythbusters put it to the test with some surprising results.

Image 2015-04-13 010 (10)

After proving it was theoretically possible in a lab, Jamie and Adam set up a rig using a sniper rifle with blanks to create a muzzle flash and a paintball gun set up nearby to go off on a delay to mirror the exact millisecond the bullet would impact.

The initial results were not promising. And then, after moving the “shooter” back to 500 yards, something amazing happened.

Image 2015-04-13 007 (7)

The final conclusion? Busted. While the dynamic duo was able to create a scenario where dodging a sniper’s bullet was possible, the concessions they had to make (a movie prop muzzle flash and a shooter in a known location) are unrealistic in any real world experience.

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Of course, none of this applies if we live in the Matrix and you’re an agent. Or Neo.

For more details on the experiment check out this clip from After the Show:

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