The Hubble Space Telescope has made an interesting discovery at the center of our galaxy.

Numerous ancient, dead stars have been found at the heart of the Milky Way. Most of the stars are extremely dense white dwarfs.

According to the popular science blog IFLS:

To put that into perspective: A teaspoon full of white dwarf material weighs approximately 15 tons. Astronomers used the incredibly sharp Hubble images to separate bulge stars from the disk stars by tracking their movements with extreme precision over a 10-year time period. Stars within the bulge move at different rates than those in the disk, making it easy to distinguish between the two populations.

“Comparing the positions of the stars from now and 10 years ago we were able to measure accurate motions of the stars,” said study leader Kailash Sahu of STScI. “The motions allowed us to tell if they were disk stars, bulge stars, or halo stars.”

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