Here’s some feel-good news for you. A Pennsylvania man who was wanted for a string of burglaries has been nabbed at last, but his latest set of charges include abuse of a corpse.

You heard me right. Joshua Lee Long, of Carlisle, PA, was found in possession of a human brain–which he was using to get high. It seems that the formaldehyde that human organs are soaked in to preserve them can be added to marijuana to produce a killer high.

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The brain, wrapped up in a Walmart bag, was found under the porch of a trailer where Long had been staying.

“We got it verified it was a real brain,” Cumberland County coroner Charley Hall said He notes that it is from an adult.

The Dauphin County coroner’s office believes the brain may have been a teaching specimen.

Formaldehyde can be used to soak marijuana. The colloquial term for the combination is “wet” marijuana. “It gives the person an extra high – it’s extremely dangerous. It can kill you,” Cpl. Bryan Henneman said.

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“We have been hearing about it – this is something that has been going on in other areas. But this is the first time we had someone do this with a brain,” Henneman said. “Every day there’s something new and bizarre.”

Long was so enamored with his brain that he gave it a nickname: Freddy.

“We’re still looking for the rightful owner,” Henneman said.

During an ongoing investigation into recent break-ins, police were contacted by Long’s aunt. She had found the brain in the Wal-Mart as she was cleaning up around the trailer.

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Her sister, Angela Sue Micklo, and Robby Lee Zoller (the two on the right) had been living in the trailer. The couple is currently avoiding interactions with authorities. They are on the lamb, and have been for five weeks, as police have tied the pair to eight burglaries.

Anyone with information on Zoller and Micklo is asked to contact Silver Spring Township Detective Andrew Bassler at 717-591-8240 or

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And if you’re missing your brain, he’d like to hear from you, too.

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