Now that pumpkin carving is over, it’s officially the start of pumpkin chunkin season. Pro Tip: Don’t use a drone to film it.

That’s exactly what YouTuber Ugly Tutorials decided to do, thinking he had placed his drone safely out of the line of fire. He was wrong.

According to the YouTube description:

So I brought my phantom 2 to the pumpkin farm and they had a pumpkin cannon that shoots pumpkins into the woods (a couple hundred feet away at over 200 mph). My daughter says “it would be cool to get video from the woods”, (not blaming her or anything) so I set it out in the woods just in front of the trees and maybe a few feet above the tree line. I ask the guy operating the cannon thing where the pumpkins go and he pointed to a clearer spot in the trees with less leaves, so I camped the drone a good 15 feet to the left of that. He pulls the rod and the pumpkin flies out, veers to the right a bit and I had no time whatsoever to react. The pumpkin slams into the drone and there goes $500.

I thought the gopro would be shot too but it was fine after I eventually found it 4 hours later!

Image 012

I decided to google the physics of pumpkin chunkin and, because this is America, there are several videos like this:

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