This Slappable Butt Lamp Gets Turned On When You Slap It!

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is still trying to shrug off comments he made about grabbing women–comments that many on both sides of the great political divide, read as instructions for sexual assault.

With that in mind, we bring you news out of England. Fans of frisky business will surely appreciate the humor in this wonderful creation. The Slap It. This whimsical anatomical illumination device gives new meaning to the phrase “tail light.”


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To be clear, when I say anatomical illumination device, I mean a an illumination source that has a distinct anatomical appearance. This is not a device for lighting up your posterior region.

The technology is a bit tricky to explain. Sensors in the butt-shaped-light pick up movement to activate a switch. You can slap the butt, pinch the butt, even give it a little pat, and the light will turn on or off. I’m not going to attempt to explain how they get the light into the butt.


The butt itself is made from silicone, which gives it a slightly springy texture that is reminiscent of the texture of a slightly springy booty. Maybe.


The light is the work of London-based designer Joseph Begley. The novelties were originally produced back in 2014. That line was a limited production run, and it sold out quickly. Now the butts are back, and available just in time for the upcoming holiday season.


And nothing says happy holidays like a light-up butt. In fact, since they can light up in 10 distinct colors, this may be the perfect solution for your festive holiday lighting needs.


Or maybe not. Each light-up derriere sells for around $180–and that’s before you tack-on some additional money for shipping. Critics of the inflated price of the slappable ass light note that there are many stores here in the U.S. that sell silicone replicas of anatomical parts. Some even have holes in them into which one might insert a light source of some sort.


Yet improvised butt-lights might not be so responsive to a good slap.

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